TMS Vision

Our guiding vision to be different by investing our own money in what we truly believe, to be exceptional investment opportunities shows our clients we are in this together and that we have no doubt in the ability of our investments to turn a profit. Well-researched, transparent and asset-backed investments that enables our clients to reach their own wealth aspirations by being different and investing our own money in what we believe in.

Jamiel Jamieson, Chairman of TMS Company

TMS Mission

Our guiding mission is to create wealth for our clients by means of providing solid, investment products with the potential to provide strong and sustainable returns. We aim to achieve this by adding value in everything that we do. We carry out extensive research on all products to minimize risk and assure a solid exit strategy. We invest in products ourselves before offering them to our clients to give complete peace of mind. Our overriding goal is to aid our clients in their achievement of their financial goals.

Jamiel Jamieson, Chairman, TMS Solution



At TMS COMPANY we encourage transparency and openness. We are happy to walk you through the preparation that we have undertaken prior to offering you an investment. We aim through all our marketing mediums and by our Experts to explain every investment step-by-step and provide clear communications at all times.


We believe that every client is entitled to complete peace of mind when investing in one of our products. To that end, no investment will be presented to investors without having undergone stringent due diligence and security checks. We promise to make sure that every investment is market ready so you can choose when and how to exit.


It is our responsibility to make sure that the investments we offer truly are opportunities that will earn sustainable returns on investment. Whilst all investments are subject to market conditions, we take every measure to mitigate as much risk as possible. To adhere to this core value, many of our investments offer solid guarantees after you have taken ownership. We aim to make investing that little bit easier, managing your investment so you don’t have to.


Each and every client is regarded as a long-term partner when investing with TMS COMPANY. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients to provide ongoing wealth creation opportunities by offering alternatives to reinvest profits after exit.